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Exciting News from Costa Rica

There has never been a better time to make that long awaited decision to move to Costa Rica.

The investor residency has just passed a bill lowering Investor residency from $200,000 U.S. Dollars to $150,000.

The other great news is The government just passed incentives such as tax free importation of personal vehicles for personal use and a one time tax exemption for importing house hold goods.

With the advancement of high speed internet It is possible to work remotely from Costa Rica. Costa Rica has always been a great destination for retires and now it is possible for a younger generation to work and live in the most eco friendly country in Central America.

Home sales are relatively stable and are not seeing the high spikes as seen in the U.S.

The weather in the mountains of Costa Rica is year round spring like weather. Some areas get more rain that others so we have desert areas like in Guanacaste and we have rain forests like around the Arenal Volcano mountain range.