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Moran Real Estate is Lake Arenal's oldest, largest and most experienced waterfall lake arenal costa ricaand professional full service real estate firm on the lake. We concentrate and specialize in Lake Arenal properties, from Fortuna to Tilaran and all points in between. We know our market and update our listings and information daily so our clients have the most current market information on properties for sale or rent.

We pride ourselves in our promise to return phone calls and emails within 24 hours, with accurate and up-to-date answers.

Our team of professional lawyers, builders, surveyors and property managers are the best we have found in Costa Rica. There is no finer real estate association in all of Central America that can take you quickly and safely thru the process of purchasing property in a foreign country, and we can help you build your dream home or develop and manage your property. We have hundreds of happy customers that will attest to our efficiency and thoroughness.

Moran Real Estate is recommended by International Living, Escape Artist, We Love Costa Rica, Buy Safe Costa Rica and other web communities.

Terry Moran and MORAN REAL ESTATE have been the premier name in tropical real estate for over 50 years, first in the Caribbean, headquartered in the U.S. Virgin Islands, with offices throughout the Caribbean, and since 2000 in Costa Rica specializing in Lake Arenal properties.

Recommended by International Living, Pathfinder Real estate,
We Love Costa Rica, Buy Safe Costa Rica

Lake Arenal Costa Rica

is a unique 50 square mile pristine fresh waArenal Volcano Costa Rica Sunriseter Lake situated in the mountains of north central Costa Rica at an elevation of approximately 1500 feet. It is without question one of the most beautiful, yet undiscovered areas in all of Central America.

Unlike the dry, flat, very hot coastal areas of Costa Rica, Lake Arenal is lush, cool and almost insect free, with a mean average temperature of 75 degrees, yet Lake Arenal is conveniently located only 2 hours from the beaches and the Liberia International Airport, and 3 hours from the capital, San Jose.

Lake Arenal is only now being discovered and the real estate prices and values present excellent opportunities, especially compared to the Central Valley, San Jose area and the coastal areas, which are many times more expensive, and in many cases crowded, badly planned, traffic congested and overdeveloped.

Costa Rica, which is only hours away via direct flights to many cities in the United States and Europe, already has the highest per capita of American citizens living in any foreign country in the world. It is also the most stable and prosperous of all Central and South American countries, and has many of the conveniences that Americans are used to such as modern shopping malls and good, reliable utilities.

Lake Arenal Costa Rica Land

Lake Arenal land in large parcels can still be purchased for as little as $4000 per acre, many with springs, rivers and views of Lake Arenal and volcano. As land becomes sub divided and developed, as on the main public lakeshore road, or close to a small town, the price increases. Costa Rica land, as home sites in sub divided residential communities, some gated with amenities, average between $15 and $50 per square meter.

Lake Arenal Real Estate Costa Rica MoranSome of these gated communities include swimming pools, tennis courts, stables and private docks on Lake Arenal, Costa Rica. Turtle Cove Lake Club gated residential community is just one example.

Ask for our current list of Lake Arenal Real Estate land listings, which is up-dated regularly, to see the wide variety of parcels from one acre to over 500 acres, some including rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, most with great views, and some with water frontage on Lake Arenal Costa Rica.

Lake Arenal Costa Rica HOMES

We have a wide variety of homes for sale around Lake Arenal. Tico (rustic) homes starting at $45,000 on small lots usually close to town are good buys as they can easily be modernized and brought up to American standards for a relatively small cost.

A newer, modern American style home on a half acre lot with a view of Arenal Volcano and lake Arenal can be found in the $100,000 and up, some even in gated communities. We have many Costa Rica Real Estate properties with homes on larger parcels of land if you like more privacy.

sunset lake arenal costa ricaThere are even some lake-front condo, townhouse developments in gated communities with pools, tennis courts and private docks. A 3 bedroom, 3 bath unit starts at about $275,000, and this will give you the ease and freedom to use your lake Arenal home part of the year and offer it as a vacation rental home the rest of the time.

We provide rental management and maintenance services to any property you purchase in Costa Rica on Lake Arenal, to include maid service, gardening, security, building maintenance and construction.

We also work with respectable, experienced English speaking Costa Rican architects and contractors who can build the home of your dreams for between $65 and $75 per square foot for quality construction.

Commercial Real Estate Lake Arenal

We maintain a varied listing of Costa Rica lake Arenal commercial property for sale, including bars, restaurants, bed and breakfast's and larger hotels. We can also guide you in what we feel the area needs in new commercial development that would be successful here on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.

Development Property Lake Arenal Costa Rica

Because Lake Arenal is just now being discovered as a tourist destination and foreign residential area, the real estate prices are ground floor and a fraction of those in other areas of Costa Rica. Also because of this there are tremendous opportunities for developers and an immediate need for developed home sites, spec homes, condominiums, and commercial activity of all kinds, marinas and hotels. We are involved in several activities ourselves and have established excellent relationships with the governmental authorities necessary for permits and assistance in whatever development you may wish to pursue.

Moran Lake Arenal Real Estate Costa RicaWe also have respectable, qualified certified engineers, surveyors, contractors, heavy equipment operators and architects we can recommend.

You will find that the development process in Costa Rica is less expensive and time consuming than anywhere in the United States. Basically there is little zoning in effect and few rules and regulations to follow, however we always advise our clients to observe higher standards than required, as it will ultimately benefit the community and Costa Rica as a whole.

Purchasing Property in Costa Rica

Costa Rican law recognizes the absolute right to ownership of real property in Costa Rica. There are no restrictions as to foreign ownership of Costa Rican property. The Government operates a fully computerized public registry of all properties in Costa Rica that provides information as to ownership, title, liens, encumbrances, boundaries, property taxes, easements and other recorded documents, so that clear title can be assured when Lake Arenal Real Estate property is purchased.

As in all Costa Rica real estate transactions we always recommend the buyer use a reputable real estate attorney. We have used the same attorney for over 5 years and highly recommend him to any and all of our clients. He is also a registered representative for Stewart Title, which he can provide for further protection, should you desire.

We look forward to serving your Lake Arenal real estate needs.

Over 50 Years of Tropical Real Estate Excellence

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