Banco Nacional

Our Friend Freddy at Banco Nacional Costa Rica – Nuevo Arenal Branch.

Helpful, English speaking and always available to open new accounts or answer questions about banking at Costa Rica’s best bank

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Adobe Rent a Car

If you are renting a car, we can save you money. The best deal on rental cars in Costa Rica is Adobe Rental car. GPS and Cell Phone rental available, as well as special insurance pricing.

To receive the discount, please email our rep, Orlando Araya, and let him know that Moran Real Estate recommended you. He will assist you, as well as give you a quote that will include the discount.

Adobe Rent a Car has cars in Fortuna, about 45 minutes away, that can be delivered to the Lake.


Call Orlando Aray
Phone: 506 8918 3009

Homes Farms and Businesses

Lake Arenal offers a wide range of home prices. Tico (rustic) homes start as low as $30,000 on a small piece of land in many parts of Costa Rica. A more modern home on a half acre can be found starting at $100,000 to $250,000 range, some in gated communities. We have homes on large parcels of land, should you wish privacy. We also have a good selection of luxurious homes, including pools, tennis courts, guest cottages, rivers, ponds and even lakefront with private docks.

Land is available for as little as $1 per meter (about $4000 per acre) in larger parcels, some with springs, rivers and waterfalls and awesome views. Land in sub divided residential communities run between $12 and $40 per meter, some gated communities include pools, tennis courts and private lake side docks.

There are many properties in between those prices, from small home sites to farm lands over 1000 acres, and even several lake front properties with full access to Lake Arenal in Costa Rica.

We maintain a wide variety of commercial listings including small bed and breakfasts all the way to larger hotels with restaurants, bars and pools. We also have shops, bars and other commercial properties in all price ranges. We can guide you in starting a commercial venture and give you our experience on what new services we think would be successful in the area.

Why Costa Rica

Costa Rica has no army, and the money that is spent on defense elsewhere is put into education, infrastructure, roads and social services.

Costa Rica is safe and is often referred to as the Switzerland of Central America.

Costa Rica is roughly the size of West Virginia.

Costa Rica has a composite of climates and topographies, mountains, plains and coastal zones to choose from. Telephone, electricity, Internet and television services are modern and reliable.

The medical facilities in the private hospitals are first class and a fraction of the cost in the US, as is the medical insurance available to foreign residents.

Taxes are low and the cost of living makes retirement affordable and attractive in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Retirement

While Costa Rica only covers .03% of the earth’s landmass, the nation is endowed with over 5% of all her life forms. Costa Rica has preserved this incredible bio diversity in National Parks and restricted areas covering fully 25% of the country, which no other country in the world even comes close to.

Costa Rica is also the oldest democracy in Latin America, and in 1949 became one of the very few countries in the world to disband its army, so that it could redirect this money to needed social programs, education and welfare.

Costa Rica’s free universal health care covers everything from maternity, to dentistry to open heart surgery and Costa Ricans enjoy a life expectancy exceeding that of North Americans. Medical care is modern and first class, yet 50% to 70% less the US, thus making medical tourism important to the economy here also. Medical insurance, available to foreigners is also a fraction of the cost than the US.

Education is another important factor in Costa Rica, with a literacy rate of over 96%, the highest in the Americas, together with the Governments pro business attitude has attracted numerous high tech companies to open facilities here to take advantage of the skilled and educated work force.

Taxes are also very low, and the low cost of living and good medical care, make retirement extremely affordable and attractive. 

Tourism is the engine that fuels the Costa Rican economy and is up over 500% in the last 10 years alone. The Government is responding with new and better roads and new and improved airports to fuel this tremendous tourist boom the entire country is experiencing.